Nutritional Wisdom Of A Former Big Girl

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From The Farm To The Table


One of the highlights of my week is a Saturday morning when I make my way to one of the various farmers’ markets that pitch up around the city. My favourite is the one in Stoke Newington, which is all organic. It is lovely to have a chat with the farmers each week who care about the food that they produce and it’s always from local producers and is seasonal.

This past week there was an abundance of red cabbages, celery, fennel and carrots. And I was in the mood to make some more fermented veggies to help rebalance my gut flora after eating too much cake and chocolates celebrating my 50th with friends… I love an afternoon tea like anyone, but several in a few days can take their toll on the gut. I was even missing workouts at the gym, because I was feeling sluggish from all the sugar. Fermented veggies were in order.

Fermented veggies are potent chelators (detoxifiers) and they contain much higher levels of probiotics than probiotic supplements, which makes them cheaper and ideal for optimising your gut flora on a budget. They also help to break down and eliminate heavy metals and other toxins from your body. 

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